addictedtoylvis replied to your post:are you not liveblogging ikmy tonight? :(

I’ve already said I like it! If people don’t want it they can block your tag!

that’s… that’s true. i don’t use xkit so this doesn’t occur to me

ylvisgirly replied to your post:aaah yay! i love your liveblogging. i always check it in the breaks.

It wasn’t me, but I do the same :P

aslfgjndfxlgjdfahtlasrkngsd alright alright I’ll do my best to liveblog every episode from now on… xP

addictedtoylvis replied to your post:LOL THE LOOK OF TERRORֱ!!!

I KNOW!! I cannot believe he stayed on the plane! I would have been all, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” What a good sport that guy is!! I hope he gets more than a magnet bed out of this.

lol omfg TOTALLY but i probably wouldn’t have gotten on the plane to begin with                  …unless Vegard was fying it. that man could probably talk me into anything.