i am so FUCKING pissed off right now

I booked a hotel room with the Thon Bergen hotel, and I gave my credit card # on the understanding that i wouldn’t be charged until i checked in.


Now I don’t know what to do bc if I dispute the charge I’ll lose the room and I haven’t…

Why on earth would this mean that you don’t want to go anymore? And why would you lose the room? Contact them about it POLITELY, asking why you’ve been charged when you understood that you wouldn’t be. Don’t just cancel the reservation.. And also find out their cancellation policy (refunds etc)

Anonymous asked:

Bjarte starts to say something, but Vegard and Christian both give him a look that says “don’t even dare.” “Today is a taping day and we’ve got to get back on track,” Christian says to the group. He looks at you, “You and Bjarte are also supposed to do a live remote at the restaurant. Should we postpone that?” “I want to get Sonja in on this, but I think we can pull it off. You glare at Bjarte, “She and I should at least get a free fancy dinner out of this after what we’ve been through today!”

Jesus, no kidding. Poor Sonja.

Tusen takk, nony! 
I hope that next time you visit me you will be feeling better
(my poor nony is sick gaiz :( and yet she still finds it in herself to write to me <3 )

Anonymous asked:

“Enough with this already, Bjarte!” big brother shouts as you all assemble behind closed doors in Christian’s office. “Lots of people have wasted time this morning thanks to your shenanigans, and we almost fired Sonja for mishandling the press. You made a mockery of a special moment yesterday and you are jeopardizing the miniseries project.” Bjarte is still trying to be cool, but he has a lost puppy look about him as he slumps down in the couch to take Vegard’s scolding.


Damn right, Vegard! You tell him!

Anonymous asked:

“Is this our first, lover’s quarrel, Mino?” he asks as he stumbles to keep up with you. “Shouldn’t we be filming this?” He pulls out his phone and hits the video record button. Vegard appears and grabs the phone out of Bjarte’s hand and drops it in the fish tank outside the break room. You can’t help but laugh…the whole situation is so absurd!

Okay, I actually did laugh right before I read the words “You can’t help but laugh”… XD

Bless you Vegard.

Anonymous asked:

“Bjarte, the shit’s hitting the fan here,” you glare at him as you try to assess what kind of damage he just did. “You need to settle down. Did you invite the press to the helipad yesterday?” He grins proudly, “We got great coverage, didn’t we? And we didn’t even need Sonja to do it!” You grab him by his brightly colored scarf and drag him down the hall to Christian’s office.


Yeah, come with me little one… Time to rip you a new one.

Anonymous asked:

You turn the corner to your desk and see Bjarte with your phone in his hand. “What are you doing, you little shit?” You see him hit the send button before he hands you the phone. “You sure did get a lot of texts this morning. I know you’re busy so I just thought I’d answer a few and send out a new Vine. Your new outfits are pretty! I can’t believe you haven’t told all your friends about me, min kjæreste!”


Nony, did you mean to make Bjarte so fucking unlikable in this story, because you’re making me want to KILL him!

Basic fucking common courtesy, asshole! Do NOT check my private messages and even MORE do not bloody answer them for me!

Anonymous asked:

“Do you think Bjarte tipped off the press?” you ask Sonja. She thinks for a minute, “You know how he’ll talk to anyone he meets when he’s out drinking or even online. He could have just told someone how excited he was about it and the information got to Diana. Reporters don’t just wait for a publicist to give them a tip. They also dig up information wherever they can.” You let out an exasperated sigh and head out the door.

My bloody “fiance”, ladies and gentlemen. 
I can see the influence of recent events on this post, nony.

Anonymous asked:

“I don’t know what to think, Sonja.” You still don’t trust her. “All I know is this little joke has now blown up and it’s disrupting my personal life. I don’t like lying to my friends. If you really didn’t have anything to do with it we could sure use your help getting us out of it.” You hear Bjarte’s voice out in the hallway. He’s stopping by your coworkers’ desks, and it sounds like he’s bragging about the press coverage.

Oh god, Bjarte told the press, didn’t he..?